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Altera Finance IGs informational and analytical department plays an important role both in servicing the clients and in developing own business.The department provides for informational needs of the company and its clients with exact, reliable, trustworthy and up-to-the-minute information.

Analytical and informational surveys and studies enable us to assess market situation and development trends, determine the needs of consumers and competitors, and find partners. Having the data, we can see where we are in the market and what we need to do for efficient development. The department offers following products, tailored to suit the informational needs of our clients:

  • analytical reports and reviews (encompassing Ukrainian and ex-USSR companies, grouped by industry sector)
  • assessment of a share packages or businesss value;
  • investment project support;
  • additional services.

In the Analytics section you may find the insurance and banking digests. Through an RSS subscription, new issues can be brought to your desktop automatically.

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