Pension fund

Altera Asset Management provides asset management services to all kinds of non-governmental pension funds.

Since 2007, Altera Asset Management has managed the assets of open non-governmental pension fund Kremin.
We invite both individuals and corporations to participate in a non-governmental pension system by joining Kremin pension fund.

Fund nameONGPF Kremin
EDRPOU code33403482
Year of incorporation2005
State registration certificateАО1 № 259675
Financial institution registration certificateПФ № 83
Date of financial institution registration24.10.2006

On Aug 5, 2009, Altera Asset Management has concluded an asset management agreement with a non-profit organization, Mining and metallurgical professional pension fund (MMPPF). Altera Asset Management gets to manage 50% of all pension contributions paid by the participants after the date of the agreement.

MMPF (EDRPOU code 33612532) was registered on Jun 18, 2005.

State registration certificate А00 № 412271.

Financial institution registration certificate ПФ № 60, issued on Jan 24, 2006.

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