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Altera Asset Management company operates one public fund, allowing corporate investors to get additional income in the securities market, as well as offering them asset management services.

  • Altera Finance Real Estate closed undiversified corporate investment fund

Fund name

Altera Finance Real Estate



Date of registrationEDRPOU

Jan 08, 2008



Date of registration in EDRISI

Apr 07, 2008


Office 32, 19- Institutskaya str., Kyiv01021

Fund validity period

07.04.2008 – 07.04.2028

Par value of the share

UAH 1,000

A fund with a balanced investment strategy.

The balance is achieved through a careful distribution of the fund’s assets between shares, corporate rights, property, bank deposits, on the one hand, and fixed income securities (corporate, government and municipal bonds, deposit certificates) on the other hand. Depending on the market situation, the manager can redistribute the assets between different investment types, to capitalize on opportunities and avoid losses.

At the time of creation, residential and commercial property was selected as the investment area for the fund. Today, the funds investment strategy has been adjusted to account for the economic situation and to keep the fund shares profitable.

Mimimum investment is UAH 100,000, while minimum investment term is 3 years.

Amended on Jun 24, 2009

Issue prospectus

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