Bringing in of financing

ALTERA FINANCE’s partnerships with the worlds leading financial institutions enable us to attract financing on the best possible terms, which both meet our clients' demands and minimize the cost.

As ofMarch 2014 ALTERA FINANCE IG has attracted UAH1.771 billion.

ALTERA FINANCE IG provides services of attracting debt financing and stock capital both in the Ukrainian and international markets:

  • attraction of debt financing (loan, debt, bonded debt);
  • attraction of international investment in stock capital by offering shares through IPO or private placement;
  • attraction of direct investment in authorized stock of Ukrainian companies irrespective of the ownership model;
  • evaluation of investment attractiveness and development of individual strategy for any kind of business;
  • development a financial strategy involving a wide range of financial instruments.

ALTERA FINANCE is Warsaw stock exchanges official certified IPO partner.

We have a cooperation agreement with Vienna stock exchange, and we build up cooperation with Frankfurt and London stock exchanges, as well as with NYSE Euronext.

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