M & A

For more than14 yearsALTERA FINANCE experts have been offering advice on merger & acquisition.We have foreign and domestic, large (public) and middle-sized (private) enterprises among our clients. Our consultancy services in the M&A sphere run both ways:

  • finding buyers or investors for businesses
  • finding investment objects

ALTERA FINANCE IG’s rich experience in M&A services coupled with a unique network of connections on the local and international level opens up unique perspectives for our clients.

When working on a project, our experts evaluate a business using three basic methods:

  • DCF model;
  • using market multiples and comparing to similar companies
  • assessing the fundamentals

All this results in an Evaluation report that is passed over to the client to provide him with an internal benchmark for negotiating and discussing the deal value with potential sellers/buyers.

As of March, 2014 we have facilitated34 M&A deals.

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