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Corporate governance

A complex advisory and executive corporate governance service for joint stock companies is one of innovative and exclusive products of ALTERA FINANCE Investment Group. Our services include:

- Daily overview of legislation and government regulations, media monitoring for information related to corporate governance, stock market and joint stock companies.

- Assistance in entering a joint stock company into an exchange register and/or obtaining listing on a stock exchange, determination of stock exchange price for shares.

- Preparation of drafts for statutory documents, corporate bylaws of a joint stock company, amendments and supplements to them.

- Advisory:

· for enforcement of laws of Ukraine “On Joint Stock Companies”, On Securities and Stock Market, On Depository System of Ukraine and other laws and regulations, which regulate activities on the stock market of Ukraine. Harmonization of a joint stock company in correspondence with respective laws;

Assistance in liaising of a joint stock company with Central depositary and depositary companies;

Advisory for initial offering, secondary placements, circulation of securities, exercise of rights for and on securities by holders;

Stock buyback by a joint stock company for purposes of resale or cancellation of shares;

Preparation of annual shareholders meetings including calling of meeting, agenda, notification procedure, establishment of meeting bodies etc;

Holding of meeting, including registration of shareholders, representation of legal and physical entities, counting of votes, preparation of minutes for shareholders registration, counting of votes, minutes of meeting etc;
Establishment of bodies of a joint stock company and its composition, authorities of official bodies, delegation of authorities, distribution of authorities between bodies of a joint stock company;

Record keeping and documentation management of joint stock company bodies, including preparation, accounting and keeping of minutes and other documents of a joint stock company;

Implementation of control over authorities and bodies of a joint stock company.

- Other services on request of a joint stock company.

Dynamic changes of Ukraine’s legislation on securities, stock market and joint stock companies increased relevance of these services.
Only in 2013 a variety of regulation was adopted, which is considerably influencing joint stock companies. The most important of them is the law On Depositary Activities in Ukraine, regulations, which determine disclosure of information by issuers, procedure of issuance and cancellation of securities issues, determination of a stock exchange price etc.
Additionally several bills are in pipeline of Verkhovna Rada, which are aimed at improvement of joint stock company regulation. The most important of them are introduction of obligatory position of corporate secretary, procedures of squeeze out and other innovations.
With constantly changing legislation its complicated for management of joint stock companies to follow recent amendments of legislation and, which is more important, to implement them in time.
That is why external corporate governance advisor is useful for joint stock company, as he can inform joint stock company about changes in legislation and monitor compliance with legislation, assistance in timely implementation of required procedures and facilitating quality management decisions.
With qualified staff, which has significant practical experience in corporate governance, modern computer facilities and access to powerful information resources ALTERA FINANCE can provide high quality advisory services to its clients.
Cooperation with ALTERA FINANCE Investment Group provides enhancement of corporate governance and allows minimizing risks of conflicts and penalties for joint stock companies.
Among our clients there are more than 50 joint stock companies. Cooperation with many of them has been continuing for more than 10 years.

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