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Bakhmut Agrarian Union
Igor Sherbakov, financial director of the “BAU” companies group

ALTERA FINANCE IG has become a reliable partner for the Bakhmut Agrarian Union group of companies on financial markets and while attracting investment. ALTERA FINANCE is a consultant on investment attraction for the BAU companies group. ALTERA FINANCE IG was an organizer of the issue of bonds to the amount of UAH 30 mln. Gorlovsky meat processing plant PJSC is also a part of BAU. Strategic partnership with ALTERA FINANCE IG regarding investment attraction on domestic and foreign markets is interesting to us, since it will allow to solve the problems of the group regarding the investments attractions into expansion of production and increase market share.

Ukrainian Business Bank
V.A.Kosogov, deputy head of the board

We have employed ALTERA FINANCE IG’s services on more than one occasion, mostly because we value this company as a guide to international capital markets.The international market analysis that they made for us gave us clear guidelines for selecting a proper strategy to engage those markets.The company also conducted a debt capital market survey for us, as a result of which we saw the terms of potential creditors ready to finance our banks.
Their high professional level and reasonable and rationalized solutions let us recommend ALTERA FINANCE IG as a reliable partner.

Krasnogorsk refractory factory
Igor Miropolskyi, owner

Our partnership with ALTERA FINANCE IG has lasted for over7 years, and now we trust our partner to manage all of our corporate rights. During all that time, we confidently achieved our business goals, one of the reasons being the successful implementation of financial projects, such as a bond issue and an additional share issue. Our fruitful cooperation with ALTERA FINANCE provided us with useful experience of efficient financial outsourcing. Alteras advisors have, indeed, become part of our team - we can call on their support 24/7 and be sure that all tasks will be properly handled.

Donetsk Industrial Union
Vasiliy Gural, general director

We cooperate with ALTERA FINANCE for more than9 years. This is a company with a strong team of professionals, to which we have entrusted the management of corporate rights of our company.

We can surely recommend ALTERA as a competent consultant and a reliable partner, with the help of which one can attain any ambitious aim.

VSK Insurance Group
Aleksandr Shoyhedenko, head of the board

Due to their extensive experience with working with insurers, ALTERA FINANCE IG has always offered us innovative and most efficient solutions, such as creating Ukraines first insurance company asset management fund for Kremin, or founding a group of insurance companies unique in Ukraine. ALTERA FINANCE is a systemic and efficient consultant that always achieves the goals set before it. Currently, as a part of our group development strategy, we cooperate with Altera on the issue of attracting strategic or portfolio investors.

The Direction of Administrative Buildings Ltd.
Aleksandr Adamov, head of the board

Our cooperation with ALTERA FINANCE IG started with the development of a then unique instrument for financing construction - the target bonds. The scheme, custom-made to suit our specific needs, is still the most efficient instrument to attract financing for our construction projects. Meaningful and stable partnership with ALTERA FINANCE yields results - we have already commissioned several buildings financed according to the Altera-engineered scheme.

Konstantinovka Metallurgical Plant
Evgeniy Rozhkov, general director

An effective cooperation of our companies lasted more than7 years. One condition of a successful business is cooperationwithreliablepartners, which, duetotheirprofessionalismandaiming to the highest results help to solve hard problems and arm in arm, developing and improving, to achieve our aims. Whenweneedtoimplementnewinvestmentprojectsweknow, thatwecanalwayscounton ALTERAFINANCE teamofspecialists, whoareabletoprovide both sound recommendations as well as help in strategy choice on the capital market. We are sure that while working with ALTERA FINANCE we are creating a foundation for profitable and socially advantageous business.

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