ALTERA FINANCE IG cooperates with NYSE Euronext, London, Frankfurt, Warsaw and Vienna stock exchanges, as well as with over 300 partners in the EU, North America , South-East Asia, the Middle East: investment banks, insurance companies, funds, auditors, brokers, law and tax advisors.

Aaron Goldstein,

Head of business development at NYSE Euronext

“Our cooperation with ALTERA FINANCE led us to have a closer look at Ukrainian market. We now understand the importance of the country for our platform’s development. Keeping up regular contact with Ukrainian companies on the issue of possible IPOs, we are always happy to participate in ALTERA FINANCEs informational initiatives, such as IPO forums and conferences, which help Ukrainian companies make weighted decisions about stock placement”.

Michael Buhl,

Executive director of Vienna Stock Exchange<

Vienna Stock Exchange strives to be the link between Eastern and Western European companies, and every company is a part of our success story. ALTERA FINANCE is VSEs partner in Ukraine due to its immaculate reputation and extensive capacity for informing Ukrainian investors and leading them to the European capital markets, as well as for large-scale international conferences and other marketing initiatives.

Elena Sklyar,

Head of the board of INNEX Stock Exchange

ALTERA FINANCE IG is an active securities trader at our exchange.In January 2008, the company successfully registered an option issue and a public offering of options at INNEX Stock Exchange. However, figures dont tell the whole story. The major achievement of ALTERA FINANCE is its management - a team of professionals ready and willing to provide the highest level of service, to offer reasonable advice to investors and issuers, to recommend strategies in the securities market, and thus to keep up their high status in Ukraine's stock market. We highly appreciate the fact that ALTERA FINANCE IG has chosen our exchange as a platform to provide common services to our clients.

John Conlan,

President of Conlan &Associates

Ukraine is an attractive strategic partner for American business.Due to close cooperation with ALTERA FINANCE Investment Group, which represents Ukraine in international capital markets, we have extensive opportunities to design and implement joint Ukrainian-American projects. Conlan & Associates believes Ukraine to be a country with a huge potential for business and infrastructure development. In ALTERA FINANCE we see a reliable business partner that can further our common goals.

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