Sergey Klenin, managing partner

«Nothing is impossible»

Year and place of birth: 1975, Donetsk

Education: Donetsk state technical university, mining and geology.Donetsk National university. Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, business administration.

Sergey Klenin joined ALTERA FINANCE as a depository services expert, later becoming the head of the department. In 2003, Mr Klenin becomes the director of ALTERA FINANCE’s Kyiv office and starts from scratch a new division, Altera Asset Management.

Sergey Klenin - a member of the Council of participants of Inter-Regional Fund Union depository (2001-2003), Depository committee of PARD (2001-2003), arbiter at PARD Arbitration committee (2002-2004), and a member of a Labor ministry taskforce. Since 2007, Mr Klenin  is a member of Ukrainian association of investment banking (UAIB) council, where he heads the division of asset management for institutional investors (banks, insurers etc.).

Apart from that, Sergey has been an active participant and speaker at many specialized events, such as a private banking conference in Riga, conferences on private capital management in Berlin, Vienna and London.  

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