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New York Stock Exchange in Donetsk

Apr 17, 2008

Apr 17, 2008, Donetsk. ALTERA FINANCE Investment Group and NYSE Euronext have held an international conference on attracting investment through a NYSE Euronext IPO. It was discussed how Ukrainian companies can get to an IPO, and what the peculiarities and conditions of an IPO at NYSE Euronext are. Aaron Goldstein, NYSE Euronext’s head of business development, said: ‘Our exchange is getting a closer look at the Ukrainian market - we now understand how important the country is for the development of our platform.

Currently, we talk to several Ukrainian companies about the possibility of an IPO at our exchange. We offer two placement platforms: the main one for major enterprises, and the alternative one for companies with middle to small capitalization. The focus of the conference was on the choice of the post-IPO development strategy and the planning of efficient business processes at a public company. The IPO rush for Ukrainian companies is over, and now the market is ready to analyze the efficiency of various instruments for raising capital. Our task is to help Ukrainian companies choose the optimum strategy for attracting investment, and for those companies that do chose IPO - help them prepare to the life after that, says Mikhail Zhernov, ALTERA FINANCE IGs head of the board. During the conference, international experts discussed the issues of making an IPO at NYSE Euronext and the prospects it opens to Ukrainian companies, in particular, the access to the European capital market. When choosing an IPO platform, companies should look at things like guarantees of continued share liquidity, communication benefits for companies, as well as the legal requirements of the country hosting the exchange, says Mr Goldstein. Representatives of European companies initiated the discussion of legal regulation, the peculiarities and benefits of IPO for Ukrainian companies, as well as the preparation of a company for listing.

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