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Mikhail Zhernov speaks at the press briefing on the second International investment summit in Donetsk

Sep 9, 2009

On Sep 8, the upcoming second International investment summit in Donetsk was discussed at a press briefing at RBC-Ukraine press centre, one of the speakers being Mikhail Zhernov, ALTERA FINANCE Investment Group head of the board.

He stressed that the summit, intended from the start to be an annual fixture of regional importance, has grown beyond that, and this year it will be a nationwide event. The topic covered by this year’s summit - energy efficiency - is relevant for the whole country. ‘We are confident that it wont be merely a speaking ground. The event is meant to boost exchange of best practice and advice, to provide for continuity of new technology and innovative solutions'.

This year, ALTERA FINANCE IG will moderate the summit sector called Energy efficiency in agriculture.

According to Mr Zhernov, agriculture is one of Ukraines most promising areas. In 2008-2009, Ukraine was worlds 3rd largest grain exporter. We have the right soil, which means that Ukraine will keep its position as the worlds bread basket and one of the leading food suppliers.

Theres still a global food shortage. For Ukraine, as an agricultural country, this means a sufficient number of potential consumers for its food produce, was Mikhail Zhernovs final message.

Other speakers were the head of Donetsk regional council Anatoly Blyznyuk, and the representatives of the two other co-organizers: Aleksei Kredisov, Ernst & Young managing partner, and Andrey Stepanov, Deloitte partner.

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