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The second international investment summit

Sept 17-18,2009

Donetsk hosted the International investment summit on energy efficiency. More than 200 companies from Russia, Ukraine and Western Europe participated in this year's event. Researchers and manufacturers showcased cutting-edge technology that saves both energy and money. The subject proved popular not only with central and local authorities, but also with major international and Ukrainian corporations, consultancies, investment companies and banks. The main goal of the project, which was to get the authorities, researchers, local and foreign businessmen talking to each other to find optimum solutions for an energy efficient regional economy, has been achieved, says Mikhail Zhernov, head of the board of the summit’s permanent organizer ALTERA FINANCE IG.

During the Donetsk summit, a Framework agreement for the provision of financial services to facilitate the development of Ukrainian economy has been signed between the government of Ukraine and the Northern Ecological Financial Corporation (NEFKO). The signing ceremony was attended by the ambassadors from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, and by Icelands consul.

The 2nd International investment summit was divided into several sections. One of these, ‘Energy efficiency in agriculture, was moderated by ALTERA FINANCE. There was a fair number of speakers, including deputy minister of agriculture Alexandr Shevchenko, deputy head of Donetsk regional administration Kim Berestovoy, and managers of agricultural businesses and research institutions. The speakers shared their experience and proposed energy-efficient innovations.

This showcase of technology attracted the Ambassadors of Norway, Iceland and Sweden, Ukrainian government officials and managers of major Ukrainian and foreign corporations.

Production of efficient biofuels proved to be of special interest to the guests. In view of the constantly growing gasoline prices, especially at the time of sowing and harvest, Ukraine really needs that efficient fuel. It is already produced and used in the developed European countries (Germany, France, Austria etc.), as well as in the US.

The section was interesting and informative indeed. The agricultural sector innovations that we saw today can greatly improve efficiency and output. We are confident that this event, run by our company, will help to draw more attention to such projects, to attract investment and, of course, to find partners, said ALTERA FINANCEs international capital markets director Maxim Shynkarenko, who moderated the section.

Apart from the agricultural one, the conference had following sections: Financing of energy efficiency projects, moderated by Ernst & Young; Energy efficiency in manufacturing', moderated by Deloitte; and Energy efficiency in housing and utilities, moderated by Conference House.

In general, the Summit served its purpose and resulted in useful business contacts, prior arrangement and joint projects.`

Results of the international summit on energy efficiency

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