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ALTERA FINANCE representative is elected to the board of European Business Association

Oct 20,2009

On Oct 20, 2009, ALTERA FINANCE Investment Group international capital markets director Maxim Shynkarenko was elected to the board of European Business Association by a majority vote. Apart from ALTERA FINANCE, candidates were nominated by Ernst & Young and Alpha Insurance. ‘It is a great honor and a great responsibility.This show of trust inspires me to work harder than ever. It is no secret that Ukraine is in need of European business practice at the moment. We are trying to bring it over, to promote ethical and legal standards, to facilitate networking and to lobby the business interests at a government level. All this is directly relevant to the operations of our company. I’m sure that we can achieve much more by joining our efforts, said Maxim Shynkarenko after his election.

Reference: ALTERA FINANCE IG is the member of European Business Association since December 2007. The mission of EBA members is to represent the interests of European and domestic investors in Ukraine, as well as to improve the countrys reputation and investment climate.

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